Gergy.co.uk / Gergy.uk :: Privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to both the Gergy.co.uk domain and the Gergy.uk domain (of which the latter is a redirecting domain). This document also covers all pages of the site and any of the other sites of which content is provided by me, including but not limited to:
  • Any remote content delivery service that may be in use by the site
  • My personal home network of which some services may be provided

This page is here to tell you exactly how I will be using your data (if I do) so you can make an informed decision as whether you would like to continue using my services.


As with pretty much all sites ever, for this site to function some small text files are stored on your computer called cookies, these give your 'session' (a period of time of which you are on my website) a unique ID code which your browser will hand to my server so it can diffrenciate you from other users. This is to protect your own identity and so that you can access certain parts of the site not available to the general public by creating an account and logging in if you wish. If you don't want these cookies, then delete your browser cache and leave the site or turn cookies off in your browser. I can not guarentee the user experience of my website without cookies. Things may malfunction without them!

Accounts & data storage

When you access this site a few things are recorded (securely) into the log. This includes your browser information, IP address and possibly your country. I will probably not use this information but it can be very handy if I need to fix a site issue, diagnose connection problems with other users, and help maintain integrity of design across all the browsers available for download on many different platforms.

If you decide to make an account on this site, your name, email address and registration date are recorded and that's pretty much it. Unless you decide to post things on the site, in which that data will be recorded too.
Please note if you remove your account, anything you post on the site will remain here and I ask you to use the contact form on the site to ask us to remove anything you don't want to be on here anymore. I understand some people do not want to have things on the internet you don't want others to see anymore. Before I do remove the content I will simply ask if you wish for me to remove the content from search engines only- as I can manually exclude pages from web crawlers.


Some advertisements may be added to the website and these have their own privacy policies and preferences.
If you wish to diable tracking (that may be enabled by default) for these ads, you can do this usually by:
  1. Finding the ad provider in the corner of the ad itself
  2. By a link on the ad sporting something like "Ads by x"
  3. Visiting the ad providers' site and configuring preferences there

Game servers

When you join a game server, some data about your game client and your DRM ID (Steam ID for Steam games, etc.) will be stored in the configuration files. You cannot turn this off, it's essential for this to be detected so that you can play the game. If you are registered on the forums, you can safely provide your DRM ID's for added benefits in game.


Your data is protected by strong passwords using SSL protected connections. Your account passwords are very strongly protected and I strive to protect against cross-site scripting, DDoS attacks and attempts at SQL injection.