Background work continues

Interesting really.

I've been working on this site on and off for a while, and I've only just managed getting around to fixing the user login and stuff. Once it's all fixed I'll use that to allow users access to my personal email address. I did manage to fix the forgotten password utility that's been bugging me for a while, but emails still get filtered as junk in peoples' email accounts except for users with Apple email accounts. They like me :-).

However the main work is on my own CMS tools. This blog, right now, is being created because I'm testing my new creation tool. Here, have a screenshot:

Image of my new blog creation tool

It features a WYSIWYG editor, which is mighty fancy and allows me to easily provide rich content through these blogs. I could before, but it was really hard to do so, I had to hand code all the HTML myself. I'm actually using something called TinyMCE which you can read all about here. It is really nice! it features rich creation tools, all customisable by the developer. It's hackable too; you could if you so desired design your own plugins. I bet there's a load of code plugins out there.

Anyway, I'm waffling. I just hope this posts correctly the first time... means I'm getting better at PHP :-)