Getting Started (Again)

It's been a while since I did anything here because I've simply not had time. I have a few extra days now, so I thought I would create some websites and build up my portfolio. (Which already conveniently exists as this site)

So originally I had up-to-date blogs here. The issue is that my webhost kicked me off my server for no reason, they said I was using too much data something or other. That's not right because I don't really store much here. Anyhow, I have a new host, the site is back online, but I didn't have a backup of the database!

So I re-wrote it. Using the data from the backup of the site PHP pages I jotted down all the data I was accessing through the scripts and noting down all the new data points I would need in the future and I rewrote it. And it works, mostly. Titles don't work, but that's the only thing that doesn't since my host went down and took everything with them.

I've not been just working with this site. I have (at the time of writing) been working on my Advanced Programming (Java) unit producing a calendar that can import and export data, Karl Berkon's website which you can read about here, and a big live group project in which we recreate a website for a client, producing apps for mobile, and other cool stuff. My job is the help organise through marketing, so I work hand in hand with the financial person and help launch the product on launch day with a big event.

I'm happy that my site is back up. I've never blogged before so I wonder how long I can keep this up!