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Learning the hard way of not using good coding practices

I learned a lesson today of

  1. Dangers of working live
  2. Dangers of not having regular MySQL Backups
  3. Dangers of not validating code before it's written

I was creating a tool that would allow me to edit blog...

The site is being moved to CodeIgniter

Currently, this site is run on a custom home-made "Framework" API. It's loosely MVC, because I don't really edit the front-end and back-end concurrently that often.

It's recently been pointed out to me that it's not ideal to do this, for obvious...

A Brief History of my experience with PHP Development

So before I get into this, let me warn you that this is a pretty long and detailed post about how I got into PHP, and what I learned along the way. I'll show you the projects I can remember working on and all the cool little features that make them...

What this site is for

Hello, and let me begin with a small welcome!

This website is here as a development tool for myself. This site is /always/ in development live, unlike most other places. I'm using it to exercise PHP and showcase some of the functionality that I...