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Hey there!

So at the minute, this site is still under construction. There are a lot of pages that don't work and there's a lot of functionality missing. However I intend to keep adding things over time until it's done... just whenever I get a free hour or so. I've had a few delays recently, you can read about it in the blog - something to do with the webhost or whatever. Speaking of which, I have a blog, so feel free so have a browse at all my latest posts. I'm going to try and keep them updated - but I have never blogged before so it's a habit I'll have to pick up!

Well I won't keep you too long. Go have a see on all the things I'm working on right now.

Latest blog post: Learning the hard way of not using good coding practices

I learned a lesson today of

  1. Dangers of working live
  2. Dangers of not having regular MySQL Backups
  3. Dangers of not validating code before it's written

I was creating a tool that would allow me to edit blog...